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See What Others are Saying About Our CBD and CBD Skin Care:

"My mother was in great pain. She rubbed the CBD balm on her joints and it worked within 20 minutes."

"I attended the Eastern NY Hemp Conference in Myrtle Beach where NYHC was exhibiting. I purchased the CBD Oil and CBD Balm as a combination, at the recommendation of the gentleman working their booth. I took it back to my hotel and applied the balm that night on my hip and knee. I ingested the tincture. I can't tell you how relieved I feel. I went back to their booth in the morning and with tears in my eyes, thanked them for relieving 10 years of pain. It really does work. Michelle, Balston Spa, NY."

"NYHC, Your products are amazing. Our customers love the hemp sugar scrub, the shampoo, conditioner and the balms. Thank you. J.S., SC"

"Can't wait to try your products. They smell delicious and the samples feel great on our skin. S Smoke Shop."

"CBD Oil helps me sleep and gives me an overall sense of calm. That's why it helps my anxiety and stress. It's not a miracle cure. But it certainly is the answer to less drugs for me. Heinrich, Brooklyn, NY"

"It's safe and it's helpful. I can take as much as I want and not worry about overdosing like with prescription meds. Amy, Whites Plains, NY"

"Pain management is a real problem, not imagined. Many of us suffer from pain with no relief. I'm glad the Farm Act finally passed and now a company like this can offer a solution to a big problem. Jeff S, Rochester, NY"

"I just love how this skin care makes me feel. Hemp is amazing."