About USWe have over a decade of experience making organic skin care products.

We have been infusing hemp into our products since our inception and were always astounded with the results.

We now have the opportunity to pass along our success to you.

We are proud to serve you with full spectrum organic hemp and CBD skin care.

Our Hemp Skin Care Products

Our certified organic hemp oil and CBD products are all made here in upstate New York. Our hemp seed oil is grown locally, the farm about 45 minutes down the road. We partner with some of the best CBD growers in the country to provide a myriad of health benefits for the skin. Besides assisting with retaining moisture, our skin care products will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Hemp & Amino Acids

The fatty acid agents, Omega 6 and Omega 3, are known to have firming properties, making the skin feel youthful and supple.Because hemp contains important amino acids, the benefits for skin are enormous. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • wrinkle prevention
  • elasticity regained and retained
  • aids skin in generating collagen and elastin reduces stretch marks
  • alleviate skin issues such as dry skin, psoriasis and eczema help skin to retain and take in necessary moisture

Vitamins for the Skin

Our certified organic hemp oils contain Vitamins B, C & E.

Our hemp skin care products are designed to aid with wicking away dead skin and moisturizing the skin, thus enabling these vitamins to do their jobs.

  • Vitamin C, known as the collagen builder, creates elasticity helping the skin to feel refreshed and toned, almost glowing.
  • Vitamin B contains fatty acids necessary to make skin feel firmer.
  • Vitamin E aids in tissue growth.

Our hemp products and CBD products are:
  • Plant based and made with organic certified oils
  • Renewable & Sustainable
  • Eco-friendly & Environmentally Conscious
  • Animal Cruelty Free & nonGMO